Public Enemy
Friday 2nd June 2000
Red Box

If you read the previous Pet Shop Boys description, then you are about to read an exact opposite. Stupid as it sounds, I grew up (for a while at least) hearing my brother play NWA and Public Enemy records. When I heard that PE were playing Dublin, I wanted to go. Tickets were bought and the night came.

This was the most intense gig I've been at. Public Enemy were outstanding, and the level of energy they put into the night was off the scale. I know that sounds like a cliché, but these guys were really fantastic. At the end of the night they barely even left the stage. Flavor Flav wanted to keep at it, and it seemed to be the promoter who eventually wrapped things up. We were a good audience too, trustworthy enough for Flavor Flav to crowd-surf about five different times.

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