The Monkees
Monday 10th March 1997
The Point Theatre

This was all four genuine Monkees, so there was no way that it was going to be missed. It was the Point Theatre (hanger) set for an all-seated concert. Dr. J's family was going to be there too, and since they were running late we spent the start of the show in their front-row seats (standing right in line with Papa Nez's Fender Amp).

The Monkees were good. We were probably there for the experience, but I can't remember any real musical flaws. Some aspects of David Jones's wardrobe might have left more to the imagination.

They played all the hits. Peter Tork did the trick of playing a couple of songs on his own and leaving us in a state of "he really was the hidden genius".

So the concert played through. I left with one of Mike Nesmith's broken plectrums (also of the Fender variety).

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