Monday 1st July 1996
The SFX Centre

My first time to see Ash play, having become well acquainted with their first album. The SFX is a bit of a dive, but it's got a nice wide stage and attracts an interesting crowd. This may have been one of the reasons that security checked our pockets, even taking the lid off my marker in case there was a concealed blade.

Ash were supported by two bands. The first band may have been guitar wanking untalented twats. We were in the mood to let them know it. This resulted in the guitarist spitting at me, but his aim was comparable to the band's general worth. The next support act were an amusing bunch called Tunic, who the crowd took to quite well. Tunic were happy, and they made us happy too.

Then Ash came on. Tim played his silver Gretsch electric. They were loud, they were good, we all jumped around, they were loud, they were loud. I bought a t-shirt, exchanging it for my sweat-soaked shirt straight after the gig.

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