Thursday 23rd November 1995
The Point Theatre

This concert was even louder and more violent than the Neil Young concert, but it started differently. We arrived to find large quantities of young girls, a lot of whom seemed to refer to Take That. We deduced that the Take That fans had taken solace in the group's recent departure by attaching themselves to Blur. The front section of the Point consisted entirely of these girls and a few out of place guys like myself and Dr. J.

These girls were all doomed. This preceeded the introduction of afety areas at concerts, and before the gig even started they were being pulled out by security (with our assistance). By the time the gig was over they were long gone, having been replaced by the army of teenage boys who moved forward regardless of who was already there. I did, for a while, achieve front row dead center. This allowed Damon to not only reach down and give me a proper handshake, but to also attempt to give us all a drink of his beer (sadly through the eye-burning pouring method). I was then slowly moved over in front of Alex, and finally to the full volume PA. Dr J had baled sometime before, worn out by the constant crushing of the crowd. I ended up with the most severe bruising I'd ever received over a broad area around my lower ribcage. It was caused by the front row metal bar (they pad them now), and was nasty enough to impress people at work.

(oh, and I went home with a set list)

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