Saturday 25th March 1995

No Ticket
It was Free!!!

Yes Sir. Time to go and see Sparks again, but this time it was all free. We both did our best to phone through to MTV's Most Wanted (Ray Cokes's old show) and Dr. J succeeded. This meant a weekend in London, a Sparks concert, and lunch with the band in the famous Ritz Hotel. Other plusses would include visiting the MTV studios and staying at the excellent Churchill Inter-Continental Hotel. It was an exceedingly plush hotel.

So, MTV and Logic Records equalled fun. We got to hang out in MTV's Green Room and tour the Most Wanted Studios (free tote bags - thanks very much). Logic Records also gave us two boxes full of promo discs, photos, postcards, t-shirts and sparklers as soon as we checked into the hotel. There was also quite a bit of driving us around in cars.

Sparks themselves played a fine night's music. We were initially offered seats at a table far away from things, but opted to be with the rest of the Sparks fans in front of the stage. After the gig we were allowed into the VIP area, which was kind of odd (the "they're standing just over there" thing). After everything had wrapped up we went back to the hotel, possibly in another supplied car.

The next day was Lunch at the Ritz. We arrived first and were seated with our friends from Logic and MTV. Then Sparks arrived. Introductions were made and we settled in for pretty nice lunch. To be frank, I didn't say much. Part of this was because I don't really talk to strangers the first time I meet them, and part of it was fatigue from trying to get by on a zero real food from the day before (custard creams from a convenience store). I sat there in a mild daze, enjoyed my food, and let Ron, Russell and Dr. J chat happily away. The end of the meal came, autographs were signed, some photos taken, and we went our very seperate ways.

Later that day we flew home.

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