Jenny Lewis
Sunday 19th September 2008
The Button Factory


Jenny Lewis. I missed her previous visit. A double-booking or something. This time it was easier. A time of Walkmen and Kweller visits, Jenny a valued link in this chain of events.

I listened to the album. Have to say it didn't make my day. This was a band that would better their record.

We went along for the start. Missed the support. Walked around putting Barack about. Counting ESBs and the like.

Walked in the door and ran into Murphy. She was in good form, hanging around with her pals. Emma got a drink. I was packing whisky in a hip flask. Walked up the front, slightly miffed a girl for standing too close. The gap was big, we walked into it. Life is cruel...

They set up a bit more. Music played. Got a little tired. Slugged whiskey. Needed water. Slugged more whiskey. The band came on.

They were a striking band. Many hats. A tall Hofner-porting bassist (soft rimmed feathered hat), a younger guitarist with a Gibson and a Harmony (perched back hat), a female waist-coated drummer (no hat), an acoustic guitarist I just found out is dating Ms. Kiley (no hat, but long hair - Mr. Jonathan Rice(as it was)), a keys/slide player who I think I saw somewhere before (white hat). Jenny was there after a second (soft hat, pulled down a little).

There was also the big sunglasses guy who walked on and sang some lines now and again. He was good.

The sound was good. This band, as I listen again to the record, still surpass the record. A clarity and violence missing on the record was played in every note. Everything sounded great - and the record just isn't getting that greatness out. Even cranked I can't make it catch up. Jenny Lewis can sing, and every word was witched out perfectly. Her band can also sing. It's hard to beat a five piece that help out with vocals.

All in all they were outstanding. My expectations were left halfway to the venue. Jenny on her electric piano, that Hofner, that follow-on Rickenbacker, the outstanding lushness of the slide guitar, a perfect drummer, two great guitarists. A perfect band.

There was an encore.
They went away.
I failed to pay attention.
Got a setlist.
Saw Murph briefly on the way out.
Walked back to Charlemount.

They've killed Carnival.

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