Adam Green
Tuesday 26th August 2008
The Sugar Club


Apologies to Adam Green - it's October and I'm writing this. I completely forgot to do it. Must concentrate on my ignored ticket page in the future. No-one cares, but I'll do it for consistency.

Another Emma pick here. A good one. I didn't anticipate the crazy. It would be crazy.

We went to the sugar club. There was a strange support. An Irish rock band. Someone somewhere didn't understand something.

Adam's band came on. I think they messed with their stuff beforehand, but I can't remember. It was keys (Nord and stuff), two female vox, drums, a tall bassist who reminded me of someone, a guitarist who I'm blanking on. No - it was a guitarist from the movie Chopper, complete with a black eye from Nottingham(?).

Adam Green has a wonderful richness to his voice. A richness only matched by his very unique performance abilities. As the evening progressed Adam got wetter, put on more lipstick (infamous Joker), blew his nose then threw it around, generally did more "stuff". He told some jokes, there was chit-chat. He sang all the songs perfectly. He teetered on the edge of an abyss to present a show that would not easily be forgotten. That said, I completely forgot to write it up, but that's my problem.

Here's someone else's YouTube.

Anyway, I'm never going to really get down what he managed to do, but it was associated with creating a loss of control. There was no security and Adam was playing the tamest venue in town. We were sitting on the ground in front of the first row. A perfect view. Eventually people got up and started dancing. There's a dance floor in the Sugar Club. It's directly in front of the stage and generally left unoccuppied for live shows. When the people started dancing the shit truly hit the fan. There was no boundary between Adam, the people, the band, the wetness. The stage blurred into a mass of wet Adam, band, teenagers, girls, boys. We moved up and sat on the stage by the keys. We looked down the fuzzy sopping line between the musicians and the people. It was great.

We left. Bought some vinyl to help Adam buy more drugs. The reflective beautiful vinyl. Went to Anseo with the reflective beautiful vinyl. Got a list too.

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