Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
Monday 9th June 2008

stephen malkmus jicks

I'm typing this after a big gap. About a month. I remember when the tickets were announced. I bought early. Told Murphy. They seemed like different times.

I went from work. Met Emma there. Maybe we had food first. Who knows.

Support was out there. Jeffrey Lewis. It was unfun, then fun. I googled to remember his names. A lot of issues with remembering this morning. Read a blog on this gig during the google. This isn't a blog though. It's random.

Murphy arrived after Stephen had started. She came over and happily said hello.

Stephen played. In a dark wide hall. It was him and a band, but it was him. A big amp. Some beaten guitars I saw on the web. A hat - it eventually fell off. He was good. He outclassed his band. He outclassed a lot of things. He seemed distracted. He seemed to like it.

There was encore. Off they went. Off we went home.

Just read this again. I should really stress that he was very, very good. He was crazy good.

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