Hercules and the Love Affair
Sunday 1st June 2008
The Academy

Hercules and the Love Affair

Hercules and Love Affair in the Academy on Abbey Street. The Academy has also been the something-or-other Hall of Fame (a terrible guise) and the nightmarish club 'Spirit'. I just don't like the Academy. I like Abbey Street, but I don't like The Academy. Nothing the Academy did at Hercules and Love Affair rectified this issue.

This is a band Emma likes. I went with Emma.

Had the venue received a recent facelift? It had transformed into a Mad Max Thunderdome meets Quasar sort of affair. The stage was railed off by an over-domineering metal cage railing. We would stand at this railing for the gig, thus putting it out of sight. It was a nice touch though - it carried a message of "stay in your place, human scum" to the audience straight away.

Everyone was hanging around the edges. The space in the middle was empty. People were interestingly dressed. I noticed the ledge was seatable. We sat down. People watched. Waited.

We moved closer when it became closer to nine. Rested at the metal bar (the one that said "stay in your place, human scum"). Hercules and Love Affair appeared.

Keys, more complex keys, a human drum machine (really though - a very well-timed drummer), a great bassist, two brass, a tall girl, a girl in socks and shoes. It began. It was loud. I had the plugs in. It was loud.

Sound got good pretty fast. Ladytron had issues with lots of instruments. Hercules and Love Affair had no issues with a very complex sound. They were a little disco. They were a little Latin. They liked the synths. They liked the rhythm section. They liked to dance. Nomi took a costume change, sang, heel danced. Kim sang, danced, watched, sang. Andy seemed to enjoy leading the band. It was a smooth set up. They were good at it.

Encore. Went away. Ears were a little sore. Loud Loud. Nice walk south.

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