Thursday 17th November 1994
The Sheperds Bush Empire, London.

There was a build up to this one. Once again Dr. J had come in handy in the musical recommendation category, and we both got developed a taste for Sparks a good while before this gig happened. Sparks are a band who became popular in England in the 1970s. They're two brothers from LA, one of who plays synths and used to have a Hitler moustache. Top band, once you get over the fact that the other brother always sings in falsetto.

So we went to see them play what was essentially a "come-back" gig in London. The weekend also included Elvis Costello with the Attractions (next). A lot of fun was had. This was my first real trip to London, and I liked it. The Sparks gig was great, but I'll remember the whole weekend as an experience as opposed to just the gigs. Oh, and Suede's ex-guitarist joined them onstage, but we got confused with the excitement and shouted "Brett!!!!" (Suede's singer). Guilt was felt, as we had shouted it pretty loud from an audible position...

And I got a set list.

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