Sunstroke 1993
Sunday 27th June 1993
Dalymount Park
Faith No More
Sonic Youth
The Disposable Heroes of HipHopracy

I guess this was my first multi-gig attendance. All the bands were pretty loud, which says a bit about 1993. I wasn't familiar with most of these acts, and only knew Faith No More (who were the headliners) from their singles.

Here's how it went in terms of my brain recalling bits:

The Disposable Heroes of HipHopracy were excellent, and worked with metal grinders on stage.

Belly were OK, it was interesting to see girls my folks wouldn't want me to meet.

Sugar were LOUD, and Dr. J tried explaining that underneath the volume they were actually pretty tuneful.

Sonic Youth - blank (oh the shame).

Faith No More were excellent. They had the kind of energy that the Chilli Peppers play with. On the subject of the crowd throwing coins onstage, the singer said; "if you're going to throw stuff, don't throw hard metal things, throw soft fluffy things that we can stuff up our asses" (paraphrased). They made us all happy.

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