Bob Dylan
Saturday 3rd June 1989
RDS Simmonscourt

My first time to see Bob Dylan, and my first time to attend a gig with Dr. J (though his Mum was there too, 'cause we were still kind of young). Back then we must have looked kind of different...

This gig was L O U D. We were on the right side seats in Simmonscourt (the RDS), directly in the line of fire of a PA wall with a hatred for human life. It wasn't just that the levels were high, Bob was playing an electric set that would have sounded hurtful and harsh through a telly. When squeezed through the PA from Hell it was a truly a bitch on the brain.

Aside from the PA issue there was problem two: Bob decided that he was going to wear a hood for the entire gig. This meant we couldn't really see him all night. Perhaps it wasn't Bob at all...

But the gig was big, interesting, slightly exciting, and (now that selective memory has done its thing) an enjoyable experience. The next time I saw Bob he put on a show that did him proud. It seems weird that I've seen him play twice, considering I'm not a big fan at all. Oh well.

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