Paul Simon
Wednesday 15th April 1987
RDS Simmonscourt

I'm pretty sure this was the first proper gig I saw. I was a Simon & Garfunkel fan in my very early teens. They made good music, though I probably should have found something a little more rebellious. S&G had long departed from the duo scene by 1987, so I was going to see Paul Simon play solo on his "Graceland" world tour.

The gig itself was good (as far as I can recall). I was nearly front row at the RDS. Aside from that things have blurred too much for me to bother recalling any specific moments of genius. I do remember throwing a pen and notebook up on stage towards the end of the gig. It was subsequently picked up by a guy from Ladysmith Black Mambazo (who are also still touring). They went off stage, signed it, came back on and left it back where it had landed. No sig from Mr. Simon though. I never saw him play live again, but recently bought a fancy remastered Simon and Garfunkel Greatest Hits CD. They really are excellent tunes, just not very rebellious.

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